Don't risk losing your business name online!

If you don’t own your business domain name, anyone else can claim it and build a copy of your business!

There are so many people looking for opportunities to start their own business. Many people are looking for short cuts to success.

All it takes is for someone to see your successful business on social media and to check if you have a website. If you don’t they can simply register your business name as their domain name and set up a website based on your business.

How do they steal business from you?

Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising. When a happy client recommends your business by name, the person usually does a Google search. If someone else has your business domain name and website copying your business, they will get your business. 

The fact is most people use Google for search and will buy from your website rather than social media

Now I know you may be thinking that this is fraud and not legal. There is no law against someone registering your business name as their domain name, even if you have registered your business with the CPIC. 

If someone copies your exact business, you could file a civil case against them, but would you want that extra expanse? 

As a website designer I have seen too many business owners lose their business name online. Registering your domain name is only R89 per year, so if you have not secured your domain name you need to do it TODAY!

Real life examples:

Jane*  and her husband started  a hair salon in 2016. They registered as a (Pty) Ltd and set up a Facebook Page. This year they decided it was time for a website. We found their registered business  Domain name was registered by someone else a few months prior. We contacted the owner and they admitted that they were not going to use the domain and were willing to sell it to the hair salon, but at a price tag of R100 000! 

Mary* sells products on Facebook. After two years she had a big following and decided it was time to start an online shop. When trying to register her business domain name we discovered a website selling the same products under their business name.  Not only can Mary not run her online store under her own business name, but the copy cat business is benefiting form all the hard work Mary did to build her brand on Social Media

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